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Current titles - for kids

Lissie Pendle

Possum and Python

Ranga Plays Australia


The Day and Night Machine

The Alone Man

The Package on the Tram

Twevven and the horrible big bigger biggest baby burp

Twevven in a very dangerous situation

Current titles - for adults

Ranga Plays Australia

The Alone Man

Thomas Bulford's English Companion

Thomas Bulford's Essays on Life, Language & Love

The stories will be enjoyed by children aged roughly four to ten...

Who is Twevven?

    Twevven is human-like but not quite human, though most of his friends are (sort of).

About the stories

    The stories are ideal for bedtime, or any other time a story is needed.

    They’re funny, and have a gentle moral.

    "Twevven is an interesting name and Mrs Pinchbuckle is funny"

    "I liked them [the pictures] very very super much"

    "He was a funny character."

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About the stories

Twevven in New York

  About the stories

  Twevven in New York

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